Behind The Tracks: LiveKill - Vengeance (Single) (2023)

James Hawkins (Vocals): When I was young I started to notice how cruel people could be. I just didn't understand how someone could purposely hurt someone else. As I got older, I started to understand concepts like self-destruction, pain, and regret - how those concepts affect people's lives in tremendous ways; why negative emotions spur people to take from others - because they don't have enough to give themselves. This song is meant to capture what "Vengeance" means to me and the band.

John Shell (Guitar/Producer): It's our first track and single from the album, Evil Ecstasy - Vengeance is the beginning, it's about taking back power that someone or something has taken from you unjustly. We know there are people out there feeling as if something has been taken from them - maybe their hopes and aspirations or even something more mundane, we hope "Vengeance" is the start of reclaiming what they've lost by sheer force of will.

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