Behind The Tracks: RAHWAY - Carry You (Single) (2023)

From the opening riff of this song, you're hooked. It just grabs you and then the vocal hook in the chorus doesn't let you go. I remember guitarist David Cardenas coming into rehearsal with this riff and going, "Oh, yeah! I like that!" While the verse riff is simple, it really drives with singer Nick Hade's vocals carrying the listener through to the really catchy chorus section.
Drummer Steve Cardenas and I really nailed down the groove of the song giving it the heaviness it really needed to drive the song home. Nick sings about one person carrying another person through life, or so they thought. The reality was the other person was doing the carrying throughout their life. To be honest, we don't really like to interpret our songs and love to leave it to the listener to interpret it for us. If we had to interpret it, that's what it would be. It really is a killer track and we're so happy that it took off the way it did for us.

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