Behind The Tracks: TROUNCE - The Goose and the Swan (Live At Roadburn) (Single) (2023)

This track serves as a perfect example of why we made the decision to release both the studio and live albums together. Initially, the song was not intended for the live setlist due to the studio version's fast blastbeats. Additionally, the lineup for the studio and live performances differed, making it impossible to reproduce the song live with Luc Hess on drums. To overcome this, we kept the same riffs, lyrics, and structures, while Luc Hess wrote a new drum part for the entire song. This adaptation gave the live version a more punk and -core vibe, setting it apart from the studio version. Moreover, this particular track showcases the most epic chorus throughout the entire album, complete with a somewhat cheesy (but loveable) guitar solo. I believe this song will continue to confuse listeners about what to expect from Trounce.

The chords used in most parts of the song (excluding the "epic part") are heavily inspired by the characteristic style of my main band Coilguns. This influence becomes even more evident when the track is performed live by Coilguns' drummer, Luc Hess, who adds his distinctive drum touch to my riffs, just as we do in Coilguns.

The Goose and The Swan marks the fifth track I composed for Trounce. The epic part and the guitar solo draw significant inspiration from a song included in Dimmu Borgir's 2001 album, Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia. Strangely enough, I've never been a big fan of their music, nor have I closely followed them before or after this particular album. It so happened that I discovered all these bands around the same time, and certain songs and albums left a profound impact, prompting me to offer my own interpretation. It's amusing to note that the album that sparked the idea for the entire Trounce record, Dark Funeral's Diabolis Interium, was also released in 2001.

I am genuinely pleased with how the vocals turned out on this track. While it features some of the few "growls" on the record, there's also a clean, epic segment with super epic backing vocals that I have a soft spot for.

This live version boasts a distinct groove, setting it apart from its blast-beat-driven studio counterpart. Luc's beat on the chorus makes it almost danceable and undoubtedly incredibly catchy." Jona Nido

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