Track By Track: Orelisk - The Underworld Obscura (2023)

1. Winter In Salem:

"Winter in Salem" deals with themes of brainwashing and radicalization by those wielding power over the weak. The witch hunts provide only one such example of how fanaticism can turn the needy into crazed zealots; blind to reason, willing to kill anyone they view as a threat to their higher order. Musically, "Winter in Salem" ranges from dark and brooding, to melodic and frantic.

2. The War Of Despair:

"The War of Despair" closely follows the events of the 1984 nuclear apocalypse film Threads. This movie is profoundly disturbing, truly depicting the monumental suffering and horror of a post-nuclear war. There will be no hope, there will be no happiness, only death.

Musically, it’s a violent song, with driving tremolo and drumming. Atmospheric leads play over the sonic destruction to oppress the listener with the bleak reality of hell on earth.

3. Only In Delirium I Can See:

"Only in Delirium I Can See" follows a state of consciousness where reality seems distant, time has no meaning, and visions of nightmarish creatures come to devour perception. Are these beings simply part of a waking dream or do they live in the shadows of our mind, intangibly evidencing a world beyond this monotonous life? Perhaps only death will provide the answers?

Musically this is the album's interlude. Its pace and soundscapes are a catharsis of darkness and mystery.

4. Derelict House Of Desires:

"Derelict House of Desires" describes the cover art of The Underworld Obscura. It is a story of one's desire to be closer to the forces of the underworld, and the consequences that lie within this journey. Those willing to enter this world will be exposed to the secrets held within these walls, where only suffering will permit entry.

Musically, this is a very melodic track and perhaps most in line with the music from the Mold demo. The melodies contained within serve as reminders of the dangers of chasing unattainable euphoria.

5. Ruins As Subjective To The Ruined:

"Ruins as Subjective to the Ruined" delves deeper into the themes of the earlier tracks; but, in a more literal representation of the hatred, and fallibility, of mankind. Here these themes are stripped of metaphor to expose their ugliness without the perversion of fictionalized narratives. All of mankind casts judgments and hatred, and we are all ruined.

This is the thrashiest, most crazed, track. Driving tempos attack the listener, culminating in an explosion of black melodicism to round out the vocalized tracks of The Underworld Obscura.

6. The Underworld Obscura:

In this Instrumental title track, the vocals were unnecessary to create the soundscape of utter darkness and despair. A dismally depressive atmosphere lures the listener, while the following chaotic leads and emotive chord progressions ensnare those willing to take the path of true northern black metal.

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