Track By Tracks: All Life Ends - Miscreation (2023)

1. The Silent End Of A Bastard Breed:

With influences from Dissection's "Storm Of The Lights Bane", the opening track makes a statement. It sets the tone for the album, reflecting the overarching theme of self-destruction and liberation from illusions, beliefs, and fears.

2. Gardens Of Imperfection:

Starting with a gripping riff, the song soon transforms into a brutal chorus. It urges the listeners to break free from indoctrinated religious beliefs, advocating for independent thinking and the shattering of misconceptions.

3. The Dreamless Void:

Built around a catchy verse riff and a captivating intro melody, the track provides a metaphorical representation of sleep as an image of death. The idea is that death is another form of sleep where the soul can recover before reincarnating and returning to battle.

3. Miscreation:

The title track, "Miscreation" underwent many transformations before reaching its final form. The lyrics revolve around the self-destructive nature of an evil and foolish creature, alluding to mankind itself.

4. Extinction Hours:

Written shortly after finishing the recording sessions for "The Plague Of Man", this track perfectly captures the arrogance of the human species and its inevitable self-eradication, leading to a restored harmony in the world.

5. Pandemonic:

With a chorus resurrected from an older, unrecorded song, "Pandemonic" incorporates Lovecraftian themes into its lyrics. The song questions why Lucifer, as a deliverer from tyranny and a bringer of free will, isn't worshipped by mankind.

6. Novas Womb:

Drawing inspiration from Iron Maiden, the song retells the biblical story in a Lovecraftian form. It presents the idea of our ancestors being astronauts who cloned an image of themselves, creating the human species.

7. Crawling Existence:

Having undergone numerous revisions since its inception, the song presents humanity as a self-destructive entity, stuck in its non-evolving existence. It further strengthens the album's theme of liberation and free will.


Closing the album on a contemplative note, "Thanatos" talks about an individual who, despite his hatred for humanity, decides not to annihilate everything. The individual realizes his immortality and seeks peace in death, leading to an unexpected life-affirming ending to the album.

In conclusion, All Life Ends has crafted an album that not only delivers a strong musical performance but also challenges the listeners to confront their beliefs and perceptions about life, death, and existence.

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