Track By Tracks: Arch Blade - Kill The Witch (2023)

1. Abduction: 

Is our opening track and the song we usually start our shows with, fun classic heavy metal about alien abduction and good old torture.

2. Nightbreed: 

Is our first single on this album. It's super fun and catchy. Biker demons, speed, and metal are all you need.

3. Tyrant Rhapsody:

This one is more realistic, it was inspired by recent events in Denys's motherland Ukraine. Very fast-paced thrasher.

4. Kill The Witch: 

Is our title track and the first song we recorded together to start this album. The lyrics are based on a life-changing nightmare that Denys had when he was about 15 years old. Denys wrote the lyrics and auditioned with this song, and right there, we knew he was the right guy for the job.

5. Factory Of Sin: 

We call this one a "stripper song." Because it's so groovy, you want to dance to it. It's a little bit different from all the rest of the songs. It's more of a hard rock song with a hint of 80's glam.

6. House Of Dreams: 

Is the only ballad on this album, melodic but still powerful and spooky. It was the second song we recorded after Kill The Witch.

7. Break The Silence: 

Is the only song on this album where the lyrics were a collaborative effort between Nigel and Denys. It turned out to be pretty interesting, and the sound on this one almost goes into a crossover with some hardcore elements in vocals, harsh and aggressive.

8. Touched By Death: 

Is probably the heaviest song on the album. It's pretty much straightforward thrash metal. It's also a horror war-themed banger.

9. Queen Of The Damned: 

That's a very beautiful song. It's got this epic Iron Maiden type of vibe and many different parts that tell the story.

10. Under The Mask: 

The closing track of the album, it's just brutal and fun at the same time. Ultimate horror legend comes to life, and you can't hide. It's a perfect song to close the album because it's got everything in it, almost like a musical and lyrical summary of the record. Also, a very fast-paced heavy metal that turns into thrash metal halfway through and then goes back. The last catchphrase was captured at the studio after Al finished one of his takes, and that phrase says it all about this record!

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