Track By Tracks: Beneath The Hollow - Misery Loves You (2023)

1. A Sure Thing:

A syncopated spiral into the gutter. Exploring the rise of, and subsequent faults of one-night stand culture. Pummeling rhythms and unconventional chordal movements weaved around haunting and melodic vocal delivery.

2. Offended:

A fast and aggressive musical delivery topped off with an industrial throwback vocal delivery. Throwing lyrical daggers in the face of government policy, arbitrarily canceling culture and religious establishment. This track is for the faint of heart.

3. Malignant Friend:

A slimy, slithering musical landscape provides a vast platform for the pained vocal delivery of lyrics tackling toxic relationships.

4. Terrifer:

Soundtrack to the Creepshow. A sinister guitar line sets an almost soviet tinged chordal movement for the interweaving drum and bass lines. A ghostly vocal laid over the verse sections explodes into a bludgeoning chorus.

5. Vacant:

A mid-tempo barrage of groove-based heavy metal leads into a huge sing-along chorus. The track is split by a ruthless bridge of odd-timed rhythmic syncopation.

6. Blackwater Mountain:

The sonic equivalent of being chest deep in quicksand. The band presents a sludge riddled; dirty grove interlaced with eerie verses.

7. Depths:

A melodic opus was written from the perspective of 20,000 leagues under the sea. The chorus breaks into a stomping chorus. The odd meter outro slams like a semi-truck colliding with a brick wall.

8. Misery Loves You:

A hypnotic pulse of drum and bass groove spiraling around a supernatural progression of dread-filled guitar chords. The track's hauntingly anguished vocal delivery completes the vision, pulling you to a completely different place.

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