Track By Tracks: Painstorm - Devouring Entrails (2023)

Devouring Entrails is our first full-length album, consisting of 10 of our own songs plus a cover of "Capital of War" by the Greek band Suicidal Angels.

The opening track is "Inside the Abyss", an instrumental cut that takes us to the depths of darkness with sharp guitar and bass riffs, to continue with "D.H.C.", a song with a social theme, which criticizes the abuse of power by the forces of order, which triggers suffering and deaths that usually go unpunished.

We move on to "Sleepless Night", a horror-themed song, in which a person is kidnapped and tortured to the point of insanity, discovering that he is part of a ritual. The fourth track on the album and one of the most beloved is "Gutted", which pays homage to the zombie B-movies we watched as kids and continue to enjoy, adopting the name of the iconic old-school Death Metal band.

We continue with the homonymous track, which gives name to the album, "Devouring Entrails", a song that links the madness and selfishness of the human being with the ingestion of other people's viscera.

"Colas de Hambre" is the only song written in our mother tongue, in Spanish it refers to the queues that many people in vulnerable situations had to endure during the pandemic in order to get some food.

It continues with "Silently Dead", a song dedicated to the madness that many people suffer as a consequence of loneliness, as always with a light horror theme. Returning to the social theme, "Bay of Blood" speaks of the problem that all Mediterranean countries suffer daily, the drama of irregular immigration, and the human losses that this entails.

Finishing the album we find another of our favorite tracks "Hang 'Em High", dedicated to all those people who feel crushed in their daily lives and many of whom we wish to see hanged.

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