Track By Tracks: Thousand Year War - Níðhöggr (2023)

With Thousand Year War's latest release, we are transported into the heart of Viking underworld mythology, seasoned with a personal commentary on religion. Let's delve into each track to unravel the inspirations and narratives stitched into this ambitious musical tapestry.


This opening track paints a vivid picture of the dragon Níðhöggr, the "Malice Striker", gnawing at the world tree and feasting on the inhabitants of Nastrond. This sets the tone for the album, crafting an atmospheric representation of the EP's art and title.

2.Kingdom of Nastrond:

This track plunges us deeper into the Viking underworld. Nastrond, the "Shore of Corpses", is home to oath breakers and murderers, and, of course, our dragon from the first track. The music mirrors the dramatic, haunting atmosphere of this realm.

3. Where Baldur Died:

Here, Thousand Year War commemorates the tale of Baldur, a well-known figure in Norse mythology. The goal was to do justice to the grandeur of the tale, resulting in an epic song that evokes the saga of the Northern Gods.

4. Destroyer of Worlds:

This track is a tribute to Bathory's original song. The choice to include this piece on the album reflects Thousand Year War's admiration for Quorthon's music, adding a layer of homage to the album's journey.

5. Hammer to the Heart of Christ:

In stark contrast to the rest of the album, this track serves as a critical commentary on Christianity. As an atheist with a negative experience of Christianity, Thousand Year War doesn't hold back his distaste, resulting in a powerful expression of anger and repudiation.

The overarching theme of the album, aside from "Hammer to the Heart of Christ", delves into the myths and sagas of the Viking underworld, reflecting Thousand Year War 's fascination and connection with his Northern European heritage.

Creating this album wasn't without its challenges, with each song presenting its own hurdles. Thousand Year War speaks candidly about the highs and lows of being a solo musician, where the responsibility of creation rests entirely on oneself. Some days bring a flow of inspiration, while others can be frustratingly unproductive.

But with this album, the fruits of those efforts are clear - a captivating journey through ancient sagas and personal reflection, all expressed through the power of music.

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