Behind The Scenes: Siroll! - Directe del Camp (Official Video)

Siroll’s “Directe del camp” was a utopian idea for us that we had always fantasized about but never thought we would be able to realize. Not until we started to record the rehearsals with our digital equipment we started to believe it was possible. So, we decided to record all the concerts of 2022 without being very clear about what we would do with the final result.

And suddenly we were presented with the opportunity to play at Can Mercader Fest 2022, and we didn't want to miss that opportunity to play on a decent stage, with a very good infrastructure and a big audience. So we contacted Victor Català, who is our director that we trust, and we proposed to record a song live. But since we already had lots of short tracks that we linked without pauses, we decided to record a few more and see what we could do with the material.

And the result is seven songs: the first four and the last three of the show that we have divided into two different videos. Víctor suggested we do it big; with good cameras, four operators, and a couple of drones. Then we added all the Go Pro cameras we could get hold of from our friends and we're more than happy with the result. Audio editing and mastering were done by Oscar at Axstudios.

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