Behind The Tracks: Little King - Amber Waves (GoodBye) (Single) (2023)

“Well, bless your heart for breaking mine This ache is an old friend”

As a fake rock star for many years, I’ve acquired my share of baggage over the years. It’s a tease-off that most musicians willingly make…to live an abnormal schedule and means to an end is no joke. Fractured Personal relationships, financial hardship, and career (and self-esteem) uncertainty are not unique to musicians, but they do have more than a passing acquaintance.

The last 10 years of my personal life have brought focus to my career, parenting, financial stability, and personal growth suffice to say, I’ve been mostly single and relationship-averse since 2013. But I met a lady named Amber in 2022, and we had a connection. More than that, for the first time in eons, a possible future with another human became almost tangible. Until it wasn’t…

”Amber Waves (GoodBye)” is the new song that resulted from that breakup. Hard for me to do this publicly though, to a degree. I’m very open with my life and struggles, so it’s not that. Rather, it’s the inherent narcissism that comes with openly lamenting heartache that gets me. I don’t really vibe with that. But, writing is my healthy way of processing trauma, so the song was born of that lament. I’m cool with it…love the song, and I hope maybe she does, too. Somewhere…

The musical arrangement stands out amongst the Little King catalog for a few reasons. First, there are no drums! There have been a few acoustic-only numbers in the LK cannon for sure, but they were mostly instrumental and almost intros. “Amber Waves (GoodBye)” is a song that hits like a full kit, I think. Just no kit!

Per the usual, I played guitar and sang, while a buddy of ours named Matt Dougherty made sense of my awful demo bass line and made magic. I tracked at LK engineer and mixer Daniel Salcido’s place in LA, Command-Space Audio. First song since 1998 not tracked with Eddy Garcia at Krank in El Paso, so that’s different for Little King. Happy results!

We appreciate you all so much and look for show dates at more at as well as @littlekingtunes on social media. The song is everywhere for download and streaming, too.

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