Behind The Tracks: Alxndr - FBA (Did You Dirty) (Single) (2023)

FBA (Did You Dirty) A.K.A F*ckboi Anthem talks about the crazy and disturbing world we live in where people have become radically sexualized. The story of the song talks about the typical f*ckboi actions of today’s society where love is used for sex and sex is used for love. “I told you I don’t love you”, “Did you dirty” those things really were put into context because I feel as a nation we are becoming more and more what our genetic DNA can’t control. And even though its no excuse to be sh*tty towards people and use them for personal gain, I believe it's in our nature and the tools we have now with technology is bringing that to light. FBA highlights that relationship where one side doesn’t really want the relationship other than for sex, and the other side believes they won’t find any better, A Vicious cycle of the world we live in.

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