Behind The Tracks: VIGIL - Descend To Extinction (Single) (2023)

Our first single ‘Descend to Extinction’ was the first song written for this recording, and the band for that matter. It captures the darker, heavier sound we envisioned for Vigil, as Justin indulged the pangs of his death-doom roots. We went all in with our idea to use two bassists and go for the melodic heaviness. The solo section is a thrashy riff right out of 1988 and shows our love for that kind of music. The chorus really came to life with Brandon’s powerful clean vocals and points to our appreciation of epic metal. Overall, this song is all the things we love all in one place. It has slow, almost funeral doom verses, power metal style choruses and a ripping guitar solo. The lyrics - brutally sung by Dave - are basically apocalyptic, about an extraneous force eliminating mankind, and humanity's sudden need to face its fragile mortality.

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