Behind The Scenes: NEPAL DEATH - Sister Nirvana (Official Video)

The Inside Scoop: Crafting "Sister Nirvana"

Namaste everyone!

Anders Hallberg, lead singer of Nepal Death here, ready to spill the beans on how our new video ”Sister Nirvana" came to be — a wild ride from start to finish!

The Idea Takes Flight:

Alright, picture this crazy mix of death, decadence, and disco balls, all wrapped in that '72 psych-rock vibe. It all started when Emil Dorbell, a cool filmmaker, jumped on board. We hit it off, and I knew this collaboration was gonna be off the charts. That's when I started crafting Jenny's story — a young hippie girl with dreams of dancing, taking a leap of faith into an audition only to face a dangerous death cult, where her dance moves became her defense.

Scouting Spots and Casting Call:

To nail that '72 groove, we scoured Sweden for the perfect spot. We struck gold with Abrakadabra in Borås — a former strip joint turned rock club, oozing psychedelic charm.

Next up, casting! Ida Koivisto nailed it as Sister Nirvana, bringing that mysterious vibe to life. Klas Bohlin, the lead singer of Svarta Sanningar, was a natural fit for the wicked cult leader. Social media buzzed as we hunted for hippie dancers to join the fun.

Lights, Camera, Action - A Day to Remember:

September rolled in, and we were ready to roll! We invaded Club Abrakadabra, amped up and set to rock the place. First things first — setting up the stage for Nepal Death’s gig. The energy in the room was electric!

Scenes unfolded, capturing Jenny's intense moment with the wicked cult. But the real blast was the dance-off — we were all on fire, dancing like there was no tomorrow, letting loose and soaking in the music. The capture scene got real intense; Ida’s performance hit us all right in the feels.

The Big Finale:

As the sun set, we wrapped with a bang. The cult leader's scream echoed through the place, marking the end of our wild adventure. We were grinning ear to ear, proud of what we'd made. It was a day to remember, for sure.

This behind-the-scenes tale is just a sneak peek into the whirlwind of fun, creativity, and killer vibes that shaped "Sister Nirvana." We're Nepal Death, and this video is our way of saying cheers to the '70s, to music, and to being true to your hippie heart. Stay tuned for more stories from this trippy universe. Peace and love! ❤️✌️


Directed and filmed by Emil Dorbell

Original Script by Anders Hallberg

Filmed on location at The Abrakadabra Club in Borås, Sweden

Starring: Ida Koivisto and Klas Bohlin

Actors and hippie dancers: Emilia Andersson. Veronica Ojanen. Jenny Persson. Jonas Persson. Yennifer Segersten. Max Ralph. Therese Sjöholm. Natalie Wadström

Acting as Nepal Death: Cory Berry (Drums). Anders Hallberg (Vocals). Felix Pastucha (Organ). Bosse Pettersson (Guitar). Pontus Pettersson (Guitar). Max Söderberg (Bass)

Make-Up: Therese Sjöholm

Project Management: Veronica Ojanen

The song is written and performed by The Musical Collective of Nepal Death Recorded at Abrakadabra Sound Studio, Kali Kitchen Studios and Konrad Tönz Klangwerk Mixed and mastered by Mikael Andersson, Soundport Music

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