Behind The Tracks: Locked In A Vacancy - The Burden Of Being (Single) (2023)

Dyami Bryant (Vocals): This song was actually the last one we wrote for the new EP, but as soon as it was done I knew it had to be the first one released. Lyrically, it comes from a place of isolation brought upon by the pandemic shutdown, when a lot of us had a lot more time to ourselves and were left to take some hard looks at our lot in life. It's easy to focus on past mistakes and missed opportunities that brought you to where you are today when you haven't reached the goals you'd envisioned earlier in life. Being of a certain age adds to this, and when you try to keep on top of world events and everything going on, seeing nothing but negativity around you, it's not hard to imagine falling into a dark place of despair. This song acknowledges that, that those feelings are valid, but we can at least take heart in commiserating with each other in the fact that we're not alone and can serve as a support system to each other to make it through.

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