Track By Tracks: DEGENERATOR - The Abyssal Throne (2023)


Degenerator is a sonic experiment that I conducted to unleash the noise that was haunting my mind. I wanted to capture the essence of retro The Smashing Pumpkins, with their saturated fuzzy guitars, but also add a touch of gothic darkness that I find deeply appealing. Interestingly, we started with the drums and then built everything else on top of them. The result is a contrast to anything I have done before. It’s darker, but not as heavy, as All Else Fails, slower, but more existentially profound than the Misfires, and though it has more Structure than The Secret Places of the Earth, it retains some of the mystery.

The Abyssal Throne is a lyrical journey of how I fit in the cosmic scheme. It touches on themes of time, madness, despair, and contrasting dark and light. The music, which came first, was shaped to match these themes.

Track By Track Explanation (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

The Abyssal Thorone in Haikus

1. Eternalism:

Time slips away fast
Aggression and melody
Balance the darkness

2. Finality:

A crow seeks the end
The last human soul to guide
To the afterlife

3. The Day that Never Comes:

We postpone our lives
For a tomorrow unknown
But we miss today

4. Darkness Prevails:

We chase empty dreams
Money and happiness bought
But all for nothing

5. Neurotonic:

Loss haunts our hearts
We must cherish our loved ones
Before they are gone

6. The Children of the Night:

They resist tyranny
Sacrificing their own lives
We owe them our all

7. Hiraeth:

A place in my heart
That I can never return
Hiraeth calls me

8. The Spiral:

A mind in anguish
Resists the modern culture
Seeks a different path

9. Hearth Like a Hole:

Alone in the world
Searching for a purpose
Meaning is a lie

10. For Every Truth:

We tell ourselves lies
We believe them to be true
But truth always wins

11. A Way Out:

Eat the rich eat the
Rich eat the rich eat the rich
Eat the rich eat them

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