Track By Tracks: Mangled Carpenter - Salvation Syndrome (2023)

The album, Salvation Syndrome, is set for release on October 27th through Rottweiler Records/Broken Curfew Records.

1. Lumberyard:

This track addresses the pervasive issue of hypocrisy within the Church, echoing the sentiment expressed in Matthew, where Jesus admonishes believers to first remove the plank from their own eyes before focusing on the speck in others’ eyes (Matthew 7:3-5).

2. A Path To Sorrow:

Rooted in personal experiences, this song conveys the valuable life lessons often learned through hardship. It reflects the journey of the songwriter, Seth, who, after facing personal turmoil, found solace in his faith, mirroring the themes of the prodigal son and Jonah’s experiences in the Bible.

3. They Already Know:

This composition emphasizes the importance of demonstrating Christian values through actions rather than repetitively delivering the “come to Jesus” message, echoing the call to let one’s light shine before others (Matthew 5:16).

4. Salvation Syndrome:

The song highlights the issue of complacency in some Christian circles, reminding listeners not to take their salvation for granted and to continuously seek spiritual growth and transformation. It echoes the biblical exhortation to “work out your salvation with fear and trembling” (Philippians 2:12).

5. Severed:

“Severed” explores the feelings of spiritual disconnection from God, drawing parallels to the thief on the cross who was spiritually severed from God, yet his soul was ultimately saved by Christ. It also references the biblical account of Peter cutting off the ear of a servant and Christ healing it (Luke 22:50-51).

6. Faith Delusion:

Inspired by an atheistic physicist’s assertion that belief in God is a form of mental delusion, this song delves into the theme of faith and skepticism.

7. Spit Parade:

This reimagining of a demo track from 2005 reflects on Christ’s unwavering determination to fulfill His mission despite the mockery and persecution He endured. It underscores the idea that all humanity shares responsibility for His suffering.

8. J.G.S.H:

This is a cover of a Mortification song, and its inclusion pays homage to the Christian metal band’s work.

9. Receive Him:

“Receive Him” is a tribute to Vengeance Rising’s song of the same name and incorporates the Lord’s Prayer, emphasizing the act of receiving and acknowledging the presence of God. These songs collectively engage with themes of faith, self-reflection, and the Christian journey, drawing from biblical references and personal experiences.

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