Band Biographies: DUNE PILOT

DUNE PILOT, founded in 2014, has earned a reputation for their electrifying live performances and has shared stages with legendary acts like Karma to Burn, Orange Goblin, Greenleaf, Color Haze, and Rotor. The band has graced renowned festivals such as Sankt Hell Fest, Keep It Low, Still In Smoke, and Rock im Wald, leaving audiences in awe with their powerful sound and stage presence.

The album "Magnetic" marks a triumphant return for DUNE PILOT after a pandemic-induced hiatus, promising a series of unforgettable live shows. Founding members Andris Friedrich (vocals) and Christian Schmidt (guitar) lead the charge, channeling their earthy stoner roots with profound fuzz. Joining them are Munich scene veterans Veit Schlembach (drums, Ex Password Monkey) and Konst Fischer (bass, Ex Smoke The Sky), infusing fresh energy and creativity into the band's dynamic sound and songwriting.

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