Band Biographies: Hourly Daily Weekly

"Hourly Daily Weekly is a hard rock’n’roll band from Sardinia (Italy). Harsh, rough, and wild rhythms as the land it comes from. Dusty and buzzing atmospheres for a hard rock mix in a Mediterranean sauce. Hourly Daily Weekly is a young band but formed by members far from being young. Though the group was born in 2022, the musicians who give life to the band have been on the scene since the early 90's. Luigi “Dezzy” Dessy on vocals, Emanuel Forresu on guitar, Stefano Brenau on bass, and Gianluigi Atzei on drums, are the 4 members behind the Hourly Daily Weekly sound. Their first self-titled album is a manifest of beer, bars, women, rock'n'roll, beer, and bars.

The real strength of the band lies in its live performances. Always and non-stop energetic, magnetic, naughty, and drunk, Hourly Daily Weekly continuously manages to ignite the audience. So, as the name itself says: Hourly Daily Weekly but always hard, harsh, rough Hard Rock'n'Roll!"

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