Band Biographies: Surgery

Surgery – Slovakia band that has been active in metal music for 25 years. Its portfolio includes the EP Pulled by the rope and two albums Descent and Absorbing Roots. The members of the band kept changing over the years, but the founder Rado Body was able to put together a strong line-up whose rhythm is set by drummer Sedrik, bassist Hrdza covers his back, and brutal vocals were taken care by Tomy. These band members have recorded a new album, Living Dead, in which OSDM mixes with other genres of metal are showing the world that Surgery band is stronger than ever. The new album was released on October 10, 2023 by Darker Than Darkness Records only for the Asian region, and in February 2024 by Great Dane rec. rest of the world edition.


Tomáš Hudáč - vocals
Radoslav Body - guitar
Róbert Hanečák - bass
Peter Husák - drums 


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