Behind The Artworks: ΘΛΙΨΙΣ - DAWN OF DEFIANCE (2023)

1. Could you explain the concept and meaning behind your artwork?
Most certainly! The artwork depicts what “The Night That Wolves Were Silent” describes, which is the horrific torments that the exiled in the island of Makronissos had to endure in order to sign a statement of repentance, denouncing their ideas.
2. How does the artwork connect with the music and themes present in the album?
We wanted to give an image to the world to look at when they’re listening to our album and, we think, with this artwork, they can relate to the the themes of each song (especially “The Night That Wolves Were Silent”). It shows despair, agony, fear, but also, hope, which is exactly what our songs are about, from the core of each riff, to the lyrics.
3. Can you tell us about the creative process behind the artwork? Who was the artist, and how was it working with them?
The artist’s name is Vamon VII, she understood immediately what we wanted the cover to be and turned it 10 times better than what we imagined. Lots of history had to be studied, and photo documents had to be explored to deeply understand and create this masterpiece with the appropriate respect and in order to honor these people who suffered so much. would certainly work with her again, given the chance.
4. Are there any hidden symbols or messages in the artwork that listeners should look for?
Nope! No hidden symbolism here.
5. How does this artwork differ from your previous album covers, if at all?
For our first EP, the photo that we used was to give a specific image to the listener of what he’s about to listen to, mostly concerning the lyrical themes. But, this time, the artwork is obviously painted in hand, it shows how we have evolved as a band, musically, and lyrically and also introduces Thlipsis to the audience, with a more mature structure of songwriting and a more serious determination to our music!

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