Behind The Artworks: Grindhouse - Vacant (Single) (2023)

Joey: For the cover for our single “Vacant”, I had a very specific image in mind. Historically, I’ve always preferred to use local artists for our artwork, but this time I took advantage of today's AI technology with MidJourney. I worked on the prompt only a couple of times to dial in the image I wanted. As you see, it’s the character from our story. The unseen teenager. With his hand over his heart, you see the heart fragmenting and the emptiness inside. His life, in fact, feels “Vacant”. I had other versions where he’s screaming to be heard, but felt that didn’t match the story. He’s done screaming. He’s done caring if you see him. He has made his decision. His face is emotionless now. He doesn’t care anymore. It’s the end.

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