Behind The Artworks: Helfró – Tálgröf (2023)

The themes of Tálgröf are inspired by a few different sources. The first one is the journals and writings on confirmed murderers and criminals. There are examples of mentally ill people trying desperately to find a cure for their intrusive, obsessive thoughts of violence and murder, searching in vein for an ailment or transmutative understanding.

A second inspiration is artworks that depict halls, castles, and structures that have innumerable rooms and hallways that go on forever. An example could be the cover art of Ancients The Halls Of Eternity from 1999, or Lord Belials Enter the Moonlight Gate from 1997.

We are big fans of Róbert Borbas and his art and did not really consider it possible to suggest a collaboration with such an insanely busy and popular artist. When we saw him share our first album on his online platforms, we immediately seized the chance to reach out to him and were incredibly happy to find that he was willing to do the artwork for the sophomore album.

When presented with the premise of a sick entity roaming infinite castles or structures, he was quick to morph the idea into his personal representation of the idea, combining the structure and the entity into one. The color palette, the innumerable details, and the evident mastery of the artist elevate the album to a whole new level and for that, we are very proud and thankful.

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