Behind The Artworks: NEVER ELECTED - All My LIfe (Single) (2023)

This is the first single off the album "Turbulent". The entire album talks about turbulent times throughout my life starting from some of my first memories as a child. All My life starts right there with the voice of Gruesome grandma who used to sing me a rhyme mocking my ugly looks as a toddler. The song is a brief rant on the hypocrisy and self serving agendas exhibited by close and distant family alike.
I see this as a perfect visual representation of the song "All My Life," where I delve into the story of my journey that began as far back as my earliest memories. The image portrays a silhouette of my childhood self, peering at a collection of jungle ropes in a park. Typically, these ropes are a source of carefree exercise for kids, but in this depiction, they vary in length and type, devoid of the expected childhood joy. I stand there, a despondent child, emotionally distant, finding no genuine amusement amidst the mismatched ropes.
As my gaze falls upon a jungle rope—an element usually associated with recreational excitement—it takes on a different meaning. Instead of representing fun and adventure, the jungle rope transforms into a symbol of despair, resembling a noose and offering a potential escape from the challenges of life even at the early age of four.
The deliberate absence of color in the artwork intensifies the somber ambiance, creating a stark representation of my state of mind during that period. The overall imagery paints a grim and dark picture, revealing the emotional struggles I faced, a sense of disconnection, and a notable absence of joy in life.

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