Behind The Tracks: Order Of Owls - Speak Up (Single) (2023)

Following up on their debut single “Freedom(ination)”, Order Of Owls have returned with their upbeat and melodic new single “Speak Up”. Where “Freedom(ination)” is dark, moody, and paced, “Speak Up” sings out its message triumphantly and without restraint.

“Speak Up” revolves around the distress experienced when coping with depression. In one form or another, everyone in the band has endured a struggle with it and has an intimate understanding of how it can affect a person day to day and in the big picture.

“Depression isn’t just a feeling of bad, it’s an exhausting cycle of dis-regulation. Feeling fine or even euphoric at one point and utterly hollow at another. Vacillating between these extremes in a debilitating parade of moments towards an erosion of the sense of self. Preferring the allure of a permanent end to a seemingly endless drudgery. An inability to find any breadcrumbs leading back to connection with others.” - Guitarist Nathan M on “Speak Up”.

“My goal is to put into words what others struggle to articulate. Help them realize that they are not alone in the way they feel and encourage them that it's okay to seek help so they can become their best selves. The amount of time and work that might be required will seem like a small trade for the reward of happiness and finding mechanisms towards those ends is the strongest thing a person can do. Doing so myself provided a mechanism that has vastly improved handling my day to day.” - Vocalist Tim L on “Speak Up”.

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