Behind The Tracks: Uragh - Monarch (Single) (2023)

Dublin progressive metal band Uragh, are unleashing their second single, “Monarch,” five months after their debut single “Decimate” caused quite a stir in the Irish Metal scene. “Monarch” will be the first single of their upcoming debut album “Maelstrom,” which is due for digital release in the first half of 2024.

People who liked “Decimate,” and its more melodic approach, might be startled at first, as the band is taking a harsher, more abrasive turn with “Monarch”. The song indicates the direction the band is heading towards with their debut album - more heft and aggression, embracing the proggier side of their sound, while not neglecting the emotional outbursts that they have become known for during several cathartic moments in their gigs, this year.

For “Monarch" and the upcoming album, the band decided to continue its collaboration with Josh Robinson in his studio in Belfast. It was the first song of the album that was recorded and you can almost hear the urgency of the band to hammer this out and drop it into the world. Josh was already responsible for giving the band a heavy and multilayered sound for “Decimate,” and he has continued his magic seamlessly on “Monarch.”

The band’s vocalist and lyricist, Craig Murphy, describes the idea behind the track’s lyrics as follows:

“As soon as I heard the demo of “Monarch”, Marcelo had provided for us, I Just felt as if I had to write some lyrics towards it, straight away. Lyrics just started to come into my head, crafting a story of a Baroness who lords over a district, having a strangle hold grip upon the people that live in the surroundings of her ruling. Exploiting the residents of the district and caring none the less for them and at the same time; the people fear to challenge her ruling. You get an idea of how the Baroness views and treats her people from the lyrics, “Let the rats fight amongst themselves. After dropping scraps, down into their deep well.” The song is written about motivating the people to rise up and fight the tyranny of this Baroness and you can get a sense of this message from the lyrics, “Are we supposed to just fall in line?”

The band say the lyrics were subconsciously inspired by many recent events going on in this world, and a desire to regain control over truth and authorities leeching off the downtrodden of this planet. This will be a common thread for the forthcoming longplayer, “Maelstrom” - each song will deal with a different view on upheaval and turmoil; inner and outer.

The single’s intricate cover art was designed by the talented Josh Hodgkins (@LittleHodgieart) who was already responsible for providing the artwork for Uragh’s debut single “Decimate”.

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