Behind The Tracks: WATCHING THE ABYSS - LIKE WAVES (Single) (2023)

During the Covid period, we faced some difficulties, we had lost that spirit that had brought us together to share our passion: making music. At a certain point, however, that desire to go back to being yourself and pick up where you left off always comes back. We can say that "LIKE WAVES" represents exactly this. It is a song that expresses the completion of a journey, the acceptance of difficulties but at the same time the awareness that these do not determine who we are, but it is the strength we have in reacting that does so. And maybe the fact that this was one of the last songs that we've written means something. This song was written almost in one shot, which came out spontaneously, but at the same time is the result of the study of new sounds and solutions, seeking the union of multiple moods and genres within a few minutes, as if to unite all the souls that form the Watching the Abyss family. Talking about that, we would like to thank all the people who collaborated with us and who keep doing it, giving us all their support. At the moment we've still a lot of new material we can't wait to release, but mainly we want to return to playing live and share them with our community

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