Track By Tracks: Black Angel - Lascivious (2023)

The first track is killer, definitely a dance floor filler, this was one of the first singles that we released a couple of months ago and it’s certainly proving to be a hit, we also created a video for this, and it seems to have gone down really well, it’s definitely a Gothic Dancefloor staple.

The next track is black velvet amphetamine, kind of hawks back to the 80s Sisters Of Mercy vibe with the drums and bass, I do like to use many of the drum machines that we used by some of the big Gothic bands of the 80s. I think this is very essential for the full Gothic sound, so many bands these days call themselves Gothic but it’s really synth Pop.

The next track is, she’s my suicide, more of a traditional goth rock song definitely emphasizing on the rock, taking influences from one of Matt’s favorite bands The Cult is track pulses along in a more traditional Gothic rock sound.

The taking of the clock, slightly inspired by the sounds of Bauhaus, this song came early on, and was very easy to write, and with Coreys vocals on top, this song is definitely very intense and even a little disturbing towards the end.

The next track is want to, full on Gothic rock, with the amazing powerful, and soulful vocals of Maneesha Jones, she carries the song in such a brilliant way all the way through, again hopefully another dance for filler.

Next is the title track of the album lascivious hopefully we’ve given it a more soulful and sultry sound, but still retained our Gothic roots, definitely, some of the production has more modern-day techniques, but we hope it still sits in with the rest of the tracks on the album and definitely conveys the message of all of the tracks Together and what we are trying to say about the concept of this album.

Next is dirty little secret, definitely a fast and furious track.

The last dance, once more harking back to 80s Gothic rock sounds and 12-string guitars, a very long intentional Intro, definitely one for the dance floor, we hope you like them all

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