Track By Tracks: Hatred Reigns - Awaken The Ancients (2023)

The album as a whole (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

Embark on a Sonic Odyssey with "Awaken The Ancients"

Prepare to be transported on an unparalleled auditory journey with Hatred Reigns' upcoming release, "Awaken The Ancients," set to unleash its sonic might on December 1, 2023.

“Awaken The Ancients” is not just an album, it’s a conceptual epic that traverses uncharted realms of sound and emotion. The album’s narrative follows a protagonist grappling with oppressive forces, leading to a summoning of the ancients who rise to liberate the tormented from their prolonged suffering. Plunged into an endless abyss, the tormented emerge upon a desolate shore, surrounded by aimless souls.

In a quest for liberation, the damned are ferried across by Charon who must navigate treacherous planes, confronting challenges from demons above and lurking waters below. Their odyssey takes them across the enigmatic river Styx, lured by the ancients towards Necropia, where ultimate judgment awaits.

Track by track (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY)

1. Awaken The Ancients:

In a world where the forces of power wield their influence over the masses and various factions rise in rebellion, a hidden force emerges. The Ancients, beings of age-old wisdom and insight, remain concealed yet vigilant, observing the turmoil that engulfs the populace. They are attuned to the potential futures that unfold, especially those of the tormented souls who question their destined path amidst the anguish.

2. Pain Leads To Nothingness:

Our central character succumbs to the overwhelming forces that surround them, departing from this existence in a blaze of spectacular finality. This dramatic exit is precisely as they had wished and planned.

3. To Depths Unknown:

"Frantically falling, flailing to and fro," the protagonist is caught in a whirlwind of uncertainty, grappling with the unpredictable twists of their destiny. Their ultimate destination remains shrouded in mystery as they descend into the abyss of the unknown.

4. Obsolarium:

The protagonist turns inward, grappling with profound existential questions. They contemplate the nature of their current state: Should they hold onto the belief that even though their physical life has ended, their ultimate fate is still malleable, waiting to be defined?

5. Ushered By Charon:

Awakening to a surreal reality, the protagonist finds themselves in a desolate wasteland at the water's edge. Surrounding them are countless lost souls, adrift and purposeless. A vessel emerges on the horizon, guided by a disheveled figure at its helm—Charon, the Ferrier of souls.

6. Planes Divide:

Undeterred by the dangers that lie beyond the shoreline, the protagonist pays the fare required to embark on a treacherous voyage across the waters. Unbeknownst to them, their journey will lead them through realms that are far more perilous than anticipated.

7. Absentia:

As the vessel ventures onward, the treacherous waters prove to be a metaphorical battleground. The Ancients, masters of manipulation, distort the perceptions of the voyagers. The protagonist's senses are tampered with, blurring the lines between reality and illusion.

8. Departing Acheron:

Approaching the shores of Necropia, the realm of judgment, the vessel sails closer to its destination. The Ancients intensify their efforts to deceive and ensnare the voyagers. Their intention is to imprison these souls, subjecting them to a fate dictated by the Ancients themselves, just before they face their ultimate judgment.

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