Track By Tracks: Lancaster - Hell Campaign (2023)

About the album as a whole (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

A dystopian perspective on the nature of war and power. Set in a “dieselpunk” heavy metal fantasy, there’s also some political philosophy inspired by the times.

1. The Arrow:

The re-imagining of the Canadian war plane: The Avro Arrow as a dragon of ice and its story.

2. Something Wicked:

Like a witch’s incantation, we’re painting an image that’s warning of something lurking in the shadows. Witchcraft and pentagrams. Foreshadowing our arrival.

3. Outlaw:

As an ex-military member, I have massive issues with the militarization of police, its role in modern society, the issues with social media, bodycams, police unions, and training.

4. Tropical Nightmare:

The instrumentals inspired the lyrics. A “1981 Heavy Metal” style zombie-killing fantasy.

5. Ravenstone:

Inspired by Dan Carlin’s podcast (Painfotainment) about the death penalty, torture, and execution throughout human history, “Ravenstone” is a recreation of a man sentenced to death and experiencing his execution as a state form of entertainment.

6. The Dictator:

A dystopian landscape created by the nature of dictators. The verses are inner monologues, the pre-chorus speaking to troops, and the breakdown of a speech to a hypnotized and convinced crowd.

7. Diesel Punk:

Like Cyberpunk, like steampunk, Dieselpunk is a setting in time. It’s a WW2 fantasy landscape intertwined with a punk setting. Anti-Nazi, Ally philosophy, political anthems of liberty, self-expression, and equality.

8. Hell Campaign:

This song is about the eternal fight. As an ex-soldier, the warrior ethos has always been part of my personality. No matter the situation, you find a way, you persevere. The allegory is self-explanatory, you fight for what you want, and you do it out of an irrational love. It’s taken years, and it shows on the body, but the fight is never over.

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