Track By Tracks: Pharm - The Tower (2023)

1. Infinite Stairway of Madness:

This groovy little number started its life out with the working title of "Shirley's Temple". After the pun outlived its welcome, from the groovy bassline and plethora of percussion, we changed it to "Infinite Stairway of Madness" - a snazzier title that probably owes H.P. Lovecrafy 5 bucks. This was the first one written for the EP and the lead single.

2. No Mouth, Must Scream:

We had the music written for this one long before the concept and lyrics came about. It was full of twists and turns and had a frenetic energy to it. About a year after the music had been completed, our Bassist/Vocalist/Lyricist, Luc stumbled upon a short story, "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream" by Harlan Ellison. It is a crazy tale from 1968 about a dystopian future where a supercomputer has kept 5 humans alive for the purpose of torturing them forever. The concept of that story matched the album, we placed some robotic vocals toward the end and it's probably our track with the most tightly knit concept.

3. The Tower:

This one began life as our first self-recorded track - under the working title of "Ishmael, Thine Tit-Milk Hath Soured!". A strange title indeed, but in our hometown, there's a comedy podcast with local comedians who have a band called Ishmael's Tit-milk. On their podcast, they challenged us to release a song, when our first album was in production.

It's our shortest song, but we packed in as many riffs as possible to try to one up their band. The original lyrics of "Feta Cheese, dripping down your nippy-nips" didn't quite fit in with the mood of our other discography, so they were altered for this EP.

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