Track By Tracks: Proud Outsiders - Anything To Offer? (2023)

1. Glow & Fire:

The first song we ever wrote as a band. It's about the feeling of everything starting to come together after so much work.

2. The Calling:

It talks about disappointment and expectations not being fulfilled in friendship or any kind of relationship.

3. Better Without You:

It's about realizing that life is better when some relationships finish.

4. Anything To Offer?:

The title track for the album. In a world ruled by shallow values and social media, do people have anything interesting to offer?

5. I DO:

The main topic of this song is leaving things behind and moving forward without looking back.

6. MORE:

It's about the desire to live more and enjoy it.

7. Stick To My Guns:

It is about being true to yourself and not following anyone else's ideas.

8. Torn & Hurt:

Some people can make you feel bad even if they don't mean it.

9. Lost With You:

When relationships start, there can be insecurities.

10. Shake it Off:

It's all about getting rid of things that prevent you from being 100% yourself.

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