Track By Tracks: Trunk - Born Dead (2023)

1. Told To Kill:

I was really into murder porn for a while and the song is just about the voices that tell you to do things. And not blocking them out anymore.

2. Desensitized:

Social media. The news. Life around you. The world is making people less and less caring about others. Nothing is shocking anymore. People are just offended and can't explain why.

3. Denied Light:

Jer and I wrote this song almost 4-5 years ago. Just about allowing yourself to be happy when you're someone who deals with never finding anything to love about themselves.

4. Encased Trinity:

About a show, I watched where a lady cut her lover up into 3 different places and hid them all over.

5. Grinder:

Fuck cops and politicians.

6. Born Dead:

I'm a huge hip-hop fan and stole the line from the Big L song "Put It On". We all think life is more important than it is. We take everything so seriously. If you just accept everything is pointless, you can live free.

7. Buried:

Noise track with Jefferey Dahmer and his dad having a convo because it's funny.

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