Track By Tracks: Void Below - World Undone (2023)

The whole EP was written to have an unpleasant structure. We wanted it to be darker, heavier, and more eerie than the last.

1. Eldrich Incarnate:

The Riffs were made to be really dissonant in line with the theme of the song. The neurosis-influenced outro starts out with low-level bass and builds up into a full wall of sound with fast double kicks and a catchy melody.

2. Pillars Ov Pestilence:

Is the fastest and most upbeat song we have written to date, changing time signatures and adding tremolo guitars with blast beats for impact, leading into heavy thumping verses. The chorus is heavy and slow but it was written in a way that it remained an earworm at the same time. The outro has a Decapitated-inspired vibe.

3. Black Mire:

The intro has a Death-inspired harmony creating an eerie soundscape. The verses showcase a more thrash-esque side of our music. The chords used blend into the chorus and create a more sinister and menacing feel. The middle section’s time signature is switched up and the use of harmonized guitars with locked-in cymbal work on the drums creates an unexpected turn before the song culminates in a heavy outro.

4. World undone:

We use a black hole sample underneath a clean dulcet guitar tone and tribal-esque drumming.

The song evolves as it brings in a Black Sabbath-inspired canorous riff. The following sections use a selection of riffs that flow back and forth, distinguished by the use of blast beats in the pre-chorus’, big chords, and bass harmonies in the verses. The vocals are used like a chant, all building up to the outro choir and guitar harmony.

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