Album Descriptions: Fugit - Bury Me Here (2023)

Instead of a description of each track I opted for a general description of the inspiration behind the album which is basically the same for each song.

Back in June of this year (2023) I had, for lack of a better word, "near-death experience". I literally dropped down, hand on my chest, lost sight, lost hearing, and was fully convinced that I was about to die immediately from a heart attack or something. The ambulance came and took me away with a full-volume siren at max speed. Not my best moment.

After months of exams, the diagnosis is: we don't know.

So that's the inspiration for this work, and it took me 2 weeks to compose and record the all thing. I was urged to finish it as quickly as possible because I had (and still have) this feeling that my end was near. And the idea of a sonic testament became really appealing and tangible.

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