Band Biographies: Apollo Stands

Apollo Stands is an English band radiating punchy riffs and swelling synths from the East Anglian coast. The combination of various metal genres with atmospheric electronic music shapes their dynamic sound and guides listeners through an assortment of listening delights. Through an extensive list of modern and old-school influences, Apollo Stands delivers a slew of unexpected twists to drag you kicking and screaming from serenity to desperation at a moment's notice. Their latest release “INTERSTELLAR” puts this on full display through an energetic cosmic journey of imposing riffs, tranquil interludes, and captivating choruses.
Metal Noise - “Overall, a polished and shining piece of Modern Metalcore, “Interstellar” should help lift Apollo Stands to new heights.”

Backseat Mafia - “Making each song stand out and the band have chosen well to showcase their varied songwriting talent.”

Metal Hammer- “Norwich progressive metal band is breath-taking.”

Powerplay Magazine - “The album (INTERSTELLAR) is classy and pro. Fans of progressive metalcore will dig this.”

Hard Rock Hell Magazine - “Apollo Stands have created a unique identity and style. Definitely a band to watch out for.”

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