Band Biographies: Godfrost

Godfrost is a solo industrial metal project from Tokyo, fronted by Frost, the guitarist of the post-grunge/gothic metal band Gods Of Decay. Gods Of Decay became popular, reaching number one on the Japanese iTunes chart, and Frost's new solo project is also drawing close attention.

Frost said; "I'm a Japanese musician, but I didn't want to play Japanese music because the bands that are active in Japan have the same atmosphere of being Japanese. Because we are all alike. That's why I'm trying to create an album with a personality that doesn't sound like anyone else. I feel that the music of many musicians around the world resembles someone else. That's why I'm doing music that's unlike anyone else. It's something that all the great artists I respect have in common. This album is a combination of my heavy guitar sounds with a focus also on digital sounds.

Overall, Godfrost has a dark worldview. As a genre, it calls itself industrial metal, but it has a lot of other elements. This means that it is genre-agnostic. My aim is to create art that has never existed before, and that is my personality. It is characterized by dark, aggressive, beautiful melodies, and a fusion of digital and analog sounds. There will also be the heavy rock that Gods Of Decay fans have come to expect. The album will include instrumental and acoustic songs."

Guest musicians include Gods Of Decay member Yorke, who provided some great digital sound, and trusty musician Kose showing off his amazing bass. He is a Japanese shred guitarist living in Korea VI and an old friend of Frost. Also included are Luna Midnight, who sings the album's lead single, as well as talented new female vocalists such as Emilypemly and Sara.

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