Band Biographies: Hole In The Frame

HOLE IN THE FRAME is a crossover groove metal band from the south of Italy. They were born in 2014 in Molise. The beginning of the band is marked by the research of a particular sound, moving between the vibrations of the states of mind, without worries or patterns, with no restrictions. In this Hole’s sound was born: distorted, strong, and gloomy. The alternation of rhythmic and powerful parts of the songs is combined with melodic and light atmospheres, creating the real orientation and identity of the band. The decision to use dark, aggressive, and elaborate sonorities it’s not a random choice because reflects the rejection and pain of contemporary society, bonded to patterns, habits, and plasticity not allow one to realize a pure and honest thought. For this reason, we talk about HOLE IN THE FRAME, as a leak, one way out for everyone! A lifestyle that pulls us far from this corrupt and materialistic system, where values are so different from the past and the humility is of little consequence.

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