Band Biographies: Jifnotcif

Jifnotcif is an alternative punk rock band, based out of the West Midlands UK. Fiery, catchy, melodic & distinctive, Jifnotcif has paved the way to compose a unique sound from a range of alternative influences that generate a modern tale of the punk explosion.

After various releases and many gigs at the start of the millennium, the band went on hiatus. Fast forward to 2018, the band had stayed in very regular contact & been involved in various other projects separately & together in some cases. A random offer was put across, the idea to play a reunion gig at a local skate park to benefit a mental health charity.

Holding their own with the new breed of bands, ideas quickly formed for a new EP with Jifnotcif now able to take the chemistry and confidence of greatly received material into a new dimension. With expanding influences and a massive effort by Lez to create neck-bending solos, the band was proud to produce By All Memes, a nod to the modern age of the internet picture smash that somehow defines every feeling and situation perfectly.

The future of Jifnotcif has never looked brighter.

Jifnotcif are:

Ning – Guitar/Vocals
Lez – Guitar/Vocals
Si – Drums
PK – Bass

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