Established in 2008, the band comprises talented members from diverse musical backgrounds.

Their music is all instrumental, with no singer, characterized by heavy, powerful riffs and dark, two drummers, hypnotic atmospheres, creating a unique sonic universe.

The genesis of the band traces back to a shared passion for metal and a desire to create immersive, captivating music. Over the years, The Lumberjack Feedback has honed its musical identity, blending diverse influences ranging from sludge to doom and post-rock.

The result is a complex, entrancing fusion capable of transporting the listener to emotional soundscapes.

Their debut album, "Hand of Glory," released in 2013, immediately captivated heavy music enthusiasts with its bold marriage of penetrating rhythms and bewitching atmospheres.

Subsequently, the band continued to refine their style with albums like "Blackened Visions" in 2016 where you can find Alex Colin Toquaine from the legendary band Agressor, and "Mere Mortals" as a hurricane of power in 2019, expanding their artistic footprint.

Through their music, The Lumberjack Feedback transcends linguistic and cultural boundaries, resonating with audiences worldwide. The band continues to make its mark in the music landscape, delivering energetic and mind-blowing live performances that leave no one indifferent. The future looks promising for this band that has already won the hearts of metal aficionados.

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