Behind The Artworks: Godsfarm - Ashen Throne (Single) (2023)

After the Liberation of the Metropolis It meant the end of the Decade of Disdain. A vast civilization reunited, to live-on in harmony and prosperity for years to come. Crops would grow, and life would return to the citadel. An enhanced and enlightened realm. Announcing the first coming of a crowned King, that would rule and bring hope anew, promises of an ‘Age of Fortune’. A loyal and respected host.

But the tide began to turn. Grim marshland around the Metropolis began to cause great unrest. Fishermen would dissappear, stories of common folk evaporating into sheer nothingness. The swamp around the citadel began to slither and crawl, as if a beast had been awakened. From a deep and dormant slumber. With a nose for gold and the untamable hunger that needs quelling.

It is a follow-up chapter of our latest release ‘Disdained Metropolis’ but a decade (10 years in advance). The kingdom in prosperous ages, produce immense wealth which attracts the dormant dragon that lay beneath the foundations of the castle.

Also, the sigil of the city I live in ‘s-Hertogenbosch is also the swamp dragon, which I have tattooed on my arm.

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