Behind The Artworks: Hani Abadi - Tiamat (2023)

Amidst composing and seeing the album taking shape, naming it and creating its artwork has presented a challenge. The album contains diverse themes and emotions, from personal to global issues, with darkness underlining the tone. I aimed for an artwork cover that encapsulates these themes in a simplistic yet mystifying form, leaving it open to various interpretations.

Once "Art" is released to the public, my viewpoint becomes a shared experience, as our interpretations vary from person to person. While this reflection is ingrained in my experiences, I encourage readers to form their impressions.

The idea of simplicity enclosing complexity mirrors the reflection of our outer self versus our inner self. It speaks to the reality of functioning normally outwardly while being torn on the inside. It might be the hope that drives us towards salvation or the experience of merely drifting through time on autopilot until we are called back.
Before the album's release, three singles—'Dementia,' 'My Story,' and 'Oblivion'—were released, each with its independent artwork reflecting their respective songs' specific themes and emotions.

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