Behind The Artworks: Malevolent - Malevolent (2023)

Malevolent's artworks are inspired by the concept of decadence and corruption as an apocalypse which may destroy human society. The half-skull man is like a villain who rules the evil forces which drove the world to self destruction (capitalism, vices, isolation through social media, etc) and the characters as survivors who returned to a post-apocalyptic viking lifestyle and try to fight and run away the horrors of this devastated world. Although Celica (lead singer) is the one who made the art, she counted on Nerea C. Luna, for the backgrounds and character's outfits; Nikolaas (composer/instruments/grunts) already had a clear idea: he wanted something apocalyptic, cinematic and epic.
Jan Verschueren made the band's logo, and Niko(laas) himself made a few first attempts with AI tools and tried different things until he got the "post-apocalyptic viking" vibe (not a bad idea, since many metalheads love vikings too!). We wanted something dark and kinda oppressive to represent the darkest part of our music, but also that may breath some hope, to keep the epic-cinematic vibe, so people may want to discover more about the story by listening to the songs!

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