Behind The Scenes: Overman - ‘It Is All Overman (Official Video)

Overman video shoot 2023 behind the scenes of "it is all overman".

Overman HQ May 2023: Planning begins for Overman's second official music video. We decided to shoot "it is all overman" because we believe it will provide a deeper insight into our musical cosmos. At the same time to fulfill a long-standing wish and to show the band Svin all honor and deep respect.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of October 2023: After months of back and forth about who would finance what and when, we decided to pay for the video ourselves because waiting was no longer an option.

Wojtek carved the script in stone and the main actor who was willing to suffer and freeze was also found.

We ticked off the W questions pretty quickly, as we don't have many mountains up here in the flatlands to create this "wave" in the picture. The Kolonistenhof also offered a lot of art, so if the weather wasn't good on the day of filming or something unforeseen happened, we had room for improvisation.

October 15, 2023: We met at 9 a.m., drove into the mountains in a column and, armed with coffee, got an overview, of what we can actually shoot when and where.

The starting conditions were 7 degrees Celsius and crystal clear skies.

Christoph: "It's getting cold - we need deer fat for "Jan the blade" ... ☺ or at least warm blankets for in between..." Wojtek (who was given time off at the last second): "Jan the blade will suffer a lot. But suffering brings gain."

Hauke: "Between rain, sunshine, blue sky, gray clouds, and green meadows, it was fun to sweeten the day like a child with fights and painting people:"


The day was perfect for making a great video and we all managed to leave everyday life at the door and got involved in following the director's instructions.
We sweated, froze, laughed, suffered, and delivered.

It was a strange feeling dragging Jan the blade across the meadow because something in us constantly wanted to make sure he was okay while we were causing the pain.

That was very paradoxical. It's no longer a spectacle when there is sharp shooting in a Western and the cowboys really die. But Jan the Blade made it clear to everyone that he was ready to give everything for the art, the message, and the music.

When it started to rain in the second half of the day and we painted him black at the lake, he found his limit.

He was trembling all over, and could no longer feel his feet, and immediately after the shoot, he painted himself black and had colorful holy powder thrown at him. placed in the bus like a sandwich between three layers of foam and blankets to warm up.

From morning to evening we all worked hard and really pulled together for a common goal and at the same time entertained passers-by.

We are all not 20 anymore and after hours of effort for everyone involved, we were all at the end, ready for a hot cocoa and happy, after so much time, from the start of planning to the actual day of shooting, having the video in the box and ready for editing.

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