Behind The Scenes: Zombie Eater - Dank Ritual (Official Video)

The music video for Dank Ritual is a rather scientific approach. We shot and finished the clip all by ourselves so I guess we could flip the good old DIY card here. Dank Ritual being the first single from our upcoming album we wanted to portray the band in it. So we just filmed each other play in our rehearsal place. The shots are very tight closeups because we didn't want to show the mess all around the place we play! The mentioned science approach comes from the graphic footage we found from an online library. It's from the 1960s and shows what happens when a substance, in this case alcohol, enters the human body. Sure seems to move things around a bit. Dank Ritual is a track for this kind of moving around, the uplifting feeling you get when the mood is right. Speaking of which, we filmed the video during a weekend that we also attended a sludge show in Helsinki. We went to see and greet Weedeater like we always do when the guys are up north in Europe. Good times.

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