Behind The Tracks: Artic Dreams - The City Built On Bones (Single) (2023)

A city built on bogs and bones... A piercing Baltic wind and perpetual clouds, with no sunlight to press down on your consciousness. Granite embankments and pavements hide bloody secrets, invisible to the common man by day, but revealed after midnight by the light of the full moon.

Passing through the veil of time we created a track dedicated to the bloody history of the city, where our project was born. In this composition we traveled through different eras, starting from the early nineteenth century to the Second World War. Due to the fact we were living in St Petersburg at the time of the single and the music video, we decided to make a music video for this particular track.

The lyrics created allegories and images that are described by the ghosts of the past.

From the beginning of the song, it's as if we're traveling through a tunnel of time, watching historical events, that have influenced world history. Musically, we've tried to convey the spirit of despair that reigned in the city at that time...

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