Behind The Tracks: The Northern - Drown (Single) (2023)

What’s crazy about our new single ‘Drown’ is that it almost got cut at the time we were picking songs to work on and bring to Nashville back in 2022. We ended up keeping the basic structure of the song’s verses, but completely rewrote the rest of the song instrumentally at the studio with our producer Jonathan. The lyrics were also rewritten with the new chorus, because we felt it was now more an anthem of hope and personal growth instead of a person fixated on their past mistakes. It’s important to have that distinction: there is a fine line between being nostalgic and looking back fondly on memories, and being stuck in the past until it (or your “demons”) consumes you. ‘Drown’ turned out to be one of the most important tracks to the band to date. It forced us to self-reflect and get real with each other, and really pushed our creativity in the best way writing almost all of it on the spot. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we did creating it!

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