Behind The Tracks: Scarelight - Scream Out Loud (Single) (2023)

The meaning behind the song…

The protagonist of the song is part of the younger generation who is not happy with the current state of the world. They are angry and want their voices to be heard, they want to fight for a better future where they can live freely. They don't want to conform to society's expectations and they believe that it is not too late to make a change.

The song was written by me and Johnie; I remember it was the 4th song ever written by me and Johnie. Let me say, for the fans, that me and Johnie was the founders of Emerald Sun and the main composer of the songs (for the 3 first albums). The song was written basically in one week. I came up with the lyrics and the melody and Johnie did all the work on the guitars. No PCs at that time, hahaha, we were recording the riffs on a TAPE RECORDER, and the rest was done in the rehearsal studio. Scream Out Loud was the first track of the album Escape From Twilight. I believe it was the reason for the record deal with LMP at that time - actually before the album release the song came 2nd at the 3rd Online Eurovision Contest among 40 other bands/Countries. It was the hit of the album. Creating a new production of Scream Out Loud…

First of all, I didn’t like the production of the first album; we were new at that, the recordings and the production I mean, we did everything we could but the production was not what I wanted. The second reason is that the album or the songs of that album are not on streaming platforms anymore and since we live in the age of the internet it is a shame for the songs not to be published. The third reason is that I needed a new production for the song…as I need for the whole album, so you can guess that in the future I will make new productions with old songs of mine. The last reason is that I needed something to get my new band Scarelight started before the recording of our debut album. The songs are ready, we are in the pre-production sessions and the recordings will start in March 2024, and the quest for a label will start in June. You can expect two music videos before the release of the album and a mind-blowing tracklist!

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