Behind The Tracks: TRUMBITEN - Heist (Single) (2023)

This heavy rock track is based on a true story that took place in the cold winter of 1971 in the far north of Sweden: 'Vietaskuppen' or 'The Vietas Robbery'. This infamous robbery saw SEK 3.2 million (in today's money) stolen from the Vietas hydropower station, for which the perpetrators were never caught.

It was a hard life and tough work in the small and remote village of Vietas. The people and the community were mainly people working with construction, mining, and support functions related to the build-up of a new hydro power station. People worked long periods away from home, with limited contact to family and friends in a harsh environment and demanding and sometimes dangerous work.

"We have always had an interest and curiosity related to the event and the hardships of living and working in the remote small village of Vietas, by the Luleå river, during the 60s and 70s. Probably, because we have a historical connection to the place. A family member, worked in Vietas as a miner in the late 60s, with tunnels, that would feed the Vietas hydroelectric plant with water from two separate water reservoirs.

This was big news in Sweden in the 70s, but has reached a new audience during the last five years via e-books, audiobooks, podcasts, etc.”

With "Heist", TRUMBITEN sought to add a new dimension to the telling of this story through the medium of music. The lyrics are written from the criminal perspective exploring the needs and desires that were the driving force behind the heist.

Maybe, the robbery was driven by revenge for all sacrifices and the hope for a better life far away from the ‘White hell on earth’, Vietas.

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