Interviews About Albums: Wake Up Frankie - Thrashrockin' Beats (2023)

In this new interview, we sat down with the Finnish Metal band Wake Up Frankie to ask questions about their album "Thrashrockin' Beats".

1. Wake up Frankie has a distinct energy and style. How does 'Thrashrockin' Beats' encapsulate the essence of your band, and what can fans expect from this new release?

Fans can expect a "pedal to the metal" album full of songs you can bang your head to. The album is almost like our live show - it has a couple of breathers but otherwise, you can hear that the thing is on the verge of exploding, in a good sense. The songs have heavy riffs, growling vocals, and catchy melodies and they are (subconsciously) arranged in a way any pop song could be arranged. You can hear influences from Jazz to classical music, from the 70s to In that sense it encapsulates the essence of or band perfectly.

2. The title 'Thrashrockin' Beats' is quite evocative. Can you tell us more about the choice of this name and the significance it holds for the band?

One of the biggest bands that came from Finland in the late 90's/early 2000s had an album titled "Uprockin' Beats". I love playing around with song names and we do that with the track titles of the album also. "Thrashrockin' Beats" was the first title that came to my mind since it has a reference to the past and even has some album tracknames integrated into it.. Like "thrash" "rock" and "beats"... It is a name with many meanings and like you said, it evokes different things to different people. Locals might get the reference to the '90s dance scene, but others will think of something else. "

3. As the creative force behind 'Thrashrockin' Beats,' can you share insights into the band's songwriting and composition process for this EP?

I would prefer "driving force", as we try to do everything creative together. But, in the end, there has to be someone who can pick a riff out of a pool of 1000 riffs and just decide to go with it. The songwriting process is fairly simple. Of course, the primary idea always comes from someone (and somewhere, it can be a movie quote or basically anything) and then we work it out together. Someone has a demo, (for example parts of a song or phone recording with mumbling vocal ideas from me, or it can also be almost a complete song for example from Vesku, our other guitar-wizard), which is shared with the whole group. Anyone can then pick their favorites and start working on them and helping out if someone has writer's block. During this period we share ideas constantly and try to improve the songs. Sometimes we only have a chorus and we bring that to the rehearsal place and start jamming, then recording some phone demos until the song is ready to be ready. And eventually, we are at that point where we have the basis of the song ready, and then Kassu can take over with his lyric-writings. And like I mentioned previously, we help each other out with everything, so for example there are arrangements and ideas for the riffs from Kassu and vice-versa, vocal melodies and lyrics from me. And this applies more or less to everyone and everything, music, vocals, lyrics.

4. Every track on an album has its own character. Which track from 'Thrashrockin' Beats' stands out to you personally, and what makes it the quintessential song for new listeners?

I love faster-paced songs, so I would say Bloodlust, Killbeat, Sh*t Outta Luck, Damage Control... If you put a gun to my head and I had to choose ONE, it would have to be Damage Control, the final track of the album. We've played that song in one form or another in every single gig we have ever played. So it has already had a long life, tho I think it only has a verse-riff and chorus that were present in the "early day" demos. It was also the first song we did with Joonas Parkkonen as a producer. Saying this, I've actually listened to some of the stuff we did when we started this band, and... Who knows. Maybe someday we'll get to re-record those for you.

5. Music often carries a message or an emotion. Is there a particular message that 'Thrashrockin' Beats' aims to send to its audience?

Do what you want and be what you want to be. You have to seize every day because it might be your last.

6. Lyrics can be a window into the soul of a band. Are there any lines from 'Thrashrockin' Beats' that you find particularly powerful or emblematic of the band's journey?

Lyrics are basically done by our vocalist Kassu and he thinks that there are many and every piece of the lyrics, carries a story. One that especially pops into mind is "What doesn't kill me it for sure leaves a mark, but quitters never win". Sounds like a fact to me.

7. What inspirations—musical or otherwise—played a significant role in shaping the sound and spirit of 'Thrashrockin' Beats'?

The inspirations list is endless. Of course, we need to credit the metal bands such as Children of Bodom, Slipknot, Pantera, Lamb of God, etc. but there are also so many more and some of those are that people wouldn't maybe expect. From the golden rock ages KISS and Guns n Roses and from the more modern era I could say Bring Me the Horizon and Hardcore Superstar. Inspiration in this band can also be some event or just a simple moment in someone's life.

8. With the release of 'Thrashrockin' Beats,' is there anything unexpected or surprising that you'd like to share or any shout-outs you want to give?

The reception has been really good and something we didn't expect. Shout-outs to every amazing fan out there!

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